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Your wedding day is the canvas upon which you paint your love story, and the brushstrokes are determined by your unique personality. Escape with us into the enchanting world of wedding planning, where your Enneagram personality type becomes a helpful tool in creating a celebration that perfectly reflects your personality and embodies your core values! 

At Hummingbird Hill Weddings & Events, we understand how overwhelming it can be to make countless decisions for your wedding day. That’s why we’re here to simplify things for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 9 Enneagram wedding personalities and suggest the top 5 wedding vendors that suit each personality type’s preferences and styles. We hope you enjoy the read!

The Wedding Planner (Enneagram 1)

If you always strive for perfection and are meticulous in your approach, you might be an Enneagram One. For our wedding personalities, we’ve dubbed this bride “The Wedding Planner.” When it comes to wedding planning, Enneagram Ones envision a day that’s flawlessly executed, adhering to their high standards. They become the ultimate wedding planner on their day; every detail must be precise and executed with excellence. Their deep desire is for a wedding that reflects their meticulous attention to detail and the inherent goodness of the love they are celebrating. They want every aspect of the day to align with their vision, from the decor to the ceremony. They focus on creating an organized, structured, and executed event flawlessly.

  1. Wedding Planner for Precision – Partner up with a wedding planner who shares your meticulous attention to detail and commitment to perfection.
  2. Professional Photographer/Videographer – Ensure every moment is captured flawlessly with expert photographers and videographers.
  3. Flawless Floral Designer – Work with a floral designer who can create precise and symmetrical arrangements that match your sense of order.
  4. Impeccable Venue – Choose a venue that exudes elegance and precision, providing a perfect backdrop for your wedding.
  5. Classic Elegance Stylist – Collaborate with a stylist specializing in classic and timeless looks to achieve a picture-perfect bridal style.

The Hostess (Enneagram 2)

Do you find yourself always putting others’ needs before your own and thriving on creating connections with people? If so, you might just be ‘The Hostess or an Enneagram Two. The Helper envisions a wedding that’s all about relationships and connections. They desire a day where love and care take center stage, making everyone feel supported. Their deep desire is for a wedding that celebrates love and connections. They want to ensure that every guest feels cherished and valued and that the day reflects their warm and caring nature. They focus on creating an atmosphere of love and support where relationships are celebrated.

  1. Wedding Planner with a Heart: An empathetic, caring wedding planner is crucial to ensure your guests feel welcomed and cherished.
  2. Social Media Savvy Photographer: Capture shareable moments with a photographer who can make your wedding a social media sensation.
  3. Gourmet Caterer: Show your love through food with a caterer specializing in crafting memorable dining experiences.
  4. Interactive Venue: Choose a venue that encourages mingling and interaction, fostering connections among friends and family.
  5. Entertainment Maven: Find a DJ or entertainer who keeps the party going and makes every guest feel special, which is vital for your celebration.

The Movie Star (Enneagram 3)

If you like to always strive for success and create an impressive image, you might resonate with being an Enneagram Three, ‘The Movie Star.’ The Movie Star approaches wedding planning with ambition and a desire for success. They dream of a wedding that’s impressive, glamorous, and showcases their achievements. Their deep desire is for a wedding that reflects their success and ambition. They want to create a celebration that feels like a grand achievement, where every aspect shines with excellence. They focus on making a lasting impression and ensuring that their wedding reflects their drive and charisma. They dream of a wedding that’s a dazzling spectacle worthy of the silver screen.

  1. Celebrity Wedding Planner: Enlist a top-notch wedding planner experienced in orchestrating glamorous events.
  2. High-End Photographer/Videographer Duo: You’re going to want to capture every moment with flair, and you won’t want a single moment missed. Prioritize a photo/video team that either works together or has worked together in the past to get every photo and video detail seamlessly. Remember, you will want to remember your day and share it with friends and family for years to come. 
  3. High-Fashion Bridal Couturier: Collaborate with a high-fashion bridal designer to create a dazzling bridal look.
  4. Luxury Venue: Choose a grand, opulent venue that sets the stage for a cinematic experience.
  5. Professional Hair & Makeup Artists: Look like a superstar with top hair and makeup artists creating the perfect on-screen look. Consider hiring a team of artists if you are going to want to create a picture-perfect cohesive look for you and your entire bridal party.

The Romantic (Enneagram 4)

Do you constantly seek authenticity and depth in everything you do, craving an emotional connection with your surroundings? You may be ‘The Romantic’ or an Enneagram Four if that sounds like you. The Romantic envisions a deeply personal, authentic wedding full of emotion. They desire a day that reflects their unique individuality, evokes intense feelings, and tells a story that’s both artistic and meaningful. Their deep desire is for their wedding to capture their essence and allow them to express their creativity. They want to feel a profound emotional connection with every aspect of the day, from the choice of venue to the design of the invitations. They seek to create an atmosphere that resonates with the depth of their emotions, where every detail reflects their true selves.

  1. Custom Wedding Dress Designer – For The Romantics, individuality is key. A custom gown that mirrors your innermost desires is a must. Find a designer who can translate your dreams into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  2. Fine Art Photographer – The Romantic values authenticity and emotional depth. A photographer who captures raw, heartfelt moments will document your day beautifully. Take your time in researching the perfect photographer! Ask questions, and feel free to share your wedding lookbook with them to gauge if your wedding vibe is what they are capable of creating.
  3. Floral Artisan – Express your unique style through the language of flowers. A skilled floral artist can create arrangements that mirror your passions, colors, and emotions.
  4. Intimate/Historic Venue – The Romantic craves an intimate setting that feels like a love story unfolding. Opt for a venue that oozes charm and offers a cozy, magical ambiance.
  5. Cinematic Videographer – Seek a boutique videographer specializing in crafting cinematic, dramatic, ethereal, and uniquely captivating storytelling. Look for a professional who can artfully capture the emotions and essence of your day, creating a wedding film that is as extraordinary as your love story. Consider those experienced in documentary-style interviews, Super 8 films, and other artistic storytelling techniques to ensure your wedding video is truly exceptional.

The Visionary (Enneagram 5)

If you find yourself always seeking knowledge and intellectual stimulation, you might be an Enneagram Five, ‘The Visionary.’ The Visionary approaches wedding planning with an analytical mind. They seek a wedding that’s intellectually stimulating, unique, and full of knowledge. Their deep desire is for a wedding that satisfies their thirst for knowledge and exploration. They want to create an event that is intellectually stimulating, where guests are engaged in thought-provoking conversations and experiences. They aim to infuse their wedding with a sense of curiosity and discovery, making it a true reflection of their analytical nature.

  1. Knowledgeable Planner – Partner with a planner who appreciates your analytical mind and can provide data-driven solutions for your wedding.
  2. Cinematic Videographer – Capture every moment in high-definition detail. A skilled videographer can satisfy your craving for knowledge and documentation.
  3. Botanical Scientist (Floral Designer) – Dive deep into the world of botany with a floral artist who can explain the science behind each bloom.
  4. Museum or Unique Venue – Choose a venue that stimulates your intellectual curiosity. A museum or unique location can be the perfect backdrop for your celebration.
  5. Customized Food Experience – Work with a caterer who can create a menu that aligns with your passion for exploring new culinary experiences.

The Timeless & Classic (Enneagram 6)

If you find yourself always seeking security and reliability in life, you may resonate with being an Enneagram Six, or what we like to call ‘The Timeless & Classic.’ This bride approaches wedding planning with a sense of responsibility and a desire for security. They want a wedding that’s reliable, stable, and free from uncertainties. Their deep desire is for a wedding that provides a sense of security and reassurance. They want everything to go smoothly and without unexpected surprises. They focus on creating a dependable and trustworthy wedding where every guest can relax and enjoy the celebration without worries.

  1. Trusted Wedding Planner – Opt for a wedding planner known for their reliability and commitment to delivering a timeless and classic wedding experience.
  2. A Venue with Options – Choose a versatile venue. You’ll want something that reflects your appreciation for tradition and enduring beauty. Whether you plan on having an indoor or outdoor ceremony, booking a venue that provides both a timeless backdrop as well as versatility in space in the event of rain is crucial.
  3. Time-Honored Photographer/Videographer – Select a photographer and videographer who can capture your wedding in a timeless and classic style. Experienced photographers and videographers are skilled in asking the right questions to help plan and capture the important details of your special day. They can also provide guidance in coordinating the events of the day alongside your planner.
  4. Elegant Caterer – Serve elegant, timeless dishes that return to the classics, pleasing your guests’ palates.
  5. Vintage Elegance Decor – Embrace vintage and classic decor elements that infuse your celebration with timeless charm.

The Adventurer (Enneagram 7)

If you like always seeking excitement and embracing spontaneity, you might be an Enneagram Seven, dubbed ‘The Adventurer.’ The Adventurer wants a wedding that’s full of excitement, joy, adventure, and new experiences. They dream of a day where spontaneity and fun are at the forefront. Their deep desire is for a wedding that’s a non-stop party. They want to celebrate life with enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Their focus is on infusing their wedding with a sense of adventure and making it a day that everyone will remember as the ultimate celebration of love.

  1. Destination Wedding Planner – The Adventurer craves new experiences. A destination wedding planner can help you explore exciting locations for your big day.
  2. Energetic DJ/Band – Keep the party going with a DJ or band that can match your enthusiasm for adventure on the dance floor.
  3. Food Truck Caterer – Serve up a variety of cuisines with food trucks, adding an element of surprise and delight to your celebration.
  4. Unconventional Venue – Think outside the box for your venue choice. Rooftops, beaches, or even a hot air balloon can provide a sense of adventure.
  5. Interactive Entertainment – Incorporate interactive entertainment like photo booths or game stations to keep your guests engaged and excited.

The Life of the Party (Enneagram 8)

Do you often assert your presence in a room and seek to make a bold statement? If so, you might resonate with being an Enneagram Eight, dubbed here ‘The Life of the Party.’ These brides envision a wedding that’s impactful and reflective of their social rapport. Their deep desire is for a wedding that confidently expresses their presence and showcases their strength in a compelling way. They aim to make a statement and create a celebration that exudes a sense of power and authority with an elegant touch. They focus on ensuring that every aspect of the wedding reflects their confident personality while maintaining a sense of grace and sophistication.

  1. Assertive Wedding Planner – Enlist an assertive planner who can take charge of the party planning and execute your vision with authority.
  2. Energetic DJ/Band – Keep the party going with an energetic DJ or high-energy band that can match your enthusiasm for a lively celebration.
  3. Fireworks/Pyrotechnics – Make a bold statement with fireworks or pyrotechnics to amp up the excitement and energy of your wedding.
  4. Luxury Transportation – Arrive and depart in style and authority with luxury transportation options that make a statement.
  5. Grand Venue – Choose a grand and impressive venue that serves as the perfect backdrop for a party that will be talked about for years to come.

The Chill One (Enneagram 9)

If you find yourself always seeking harmony and tranquility among your friends, colleagues, and family members, you might be an Enneagram Nine, dubbed here, ‘The Chill One.’ This bride envisions a wedding that’s harmonious, peaceful, and free from conflict and exudes a “go-with-the-flow” personality. Their deep desire is for a wedding that brings people together in harmony and possibly fosters new and deeper relationships between guests. They want to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity, where everyone feels at ease and can enjoy the day. They focus on ensuring their wedding reflects their gentle and calming nature.

  1. Wedding Planner for Harmony – Create a harmonious and stress-free planning experience with a wedding planner who values your desire for unity. This planning team will be beneficial for the people in your life who are helping you with the planning. This planner will be crucial in helping maintain harmony and organization with your wedding crew.
  2. Serene Ceremony Music (String Quartet/Harpist) – Set a serene and calming tone with live music during your ceremony. 
  3. Family-Style Catering – Encourage unity and shared meals with a family-style catering approach.
  4. Zen-Inspired Decor – Focus on tranquility and simplicity with decor that mirrors your peaceful nature.
  5. Relaxing Venue – Choose a venue that offers a peaceful and calming atmosphere for your celebration. An outdoor venue or a peaceful park is just the right amount of calm and connection with nature that you want.

Your Wedding, Your Personality

While your Enneagram Wedding Personality can guide your vendor choices, remember that your wedding should ultimately reflect you and your unique love story. No one person fits perfectly into a box, and your wedding should be completely unique to you and your future spouse’s priorities. Mix and match these vendors to create a celebration that perfectly resonates with your and your spouse’s style and values, ensuring your special day reflects your love and personality. Happy wedding planning, and may your big day be everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Do you agree with your Enneagram type’s wedding personality? Let us know in the comments!

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