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Have you been wondering what is included in typical wedding venue pricing? Planning your wedding is like jumping into a brand new adventure book – thrilling, a little wild, and oh-so rewarding. It’s a world where your Pinterest boards come to life, right? Now, when it comes to picking a place to tie the knot, it’s more than just falling for a spot where you can picture that first kiss or dance. Let’s be real, the price tag matters too. So, at Hummingbird Hill, we’re keeping it 100% real with you on costs because, honestly, surprises are way better left for proposals, not your venue budget. We get it — navigating the waters of wedding venue pricing can stir up more butterflies than a walk down the aisle!

We at Hummingbird Hill have created a sanctuary where lovebirds like you can nestle in and find solace. We’re not just about grand entrances and breathtaking backdrops; we’re here to hold your hand through the maze of budgets and spreadsheets. Our mission? To sprinkle a little Hummingbird magic into the mix, ensuring that the canvas of your big day is costed in clear, fairy dust-covered numbers. It’s your love story, and we’re here to help you pen it with joy, not jitters, leading you to a venue that feels just right — where romance is rich and the pricing is plain. Before deciding on the location for your big day, be sure to ask these five questions about your wedding venue’s pricing:

1. What is included in the base price?

Navigating through the chaotic world of wedding planning, one of the first cold splashes of reality comes in the phrase ‘base price’. This term might seem like just another line item in an endless sea of wedding expenditures, but it’s actually a clarifying distinguisher. The base price is the cornerstone of your venue budget, a flat fee that usually covers the non-negotiables. Most venues will offer this as the starting point, an empty canvas upon which you can start painting your dream wedding. It typically includes the rental space, and may also cover some essential amenities. It’s important to note that while some venues may entice with seemingly low base costs, the final picture may include hidden fees and add-ons that color outside your budget lines.

Imagine the base price as your wedding day’s starter pack. This is where you begin. It’s like the trusty foundation that’ll hold up all those lovely details you’ve been dreaming about. At Hummingbird Hill, we’ve got a pretty sweet starting line – our base price kicks off at $6,000 for a cozy weekday ‘I do’, hits $9,000 for a fun Friday, and tops out at $12,000 for those prime-time Saturday vows. And we’re talking about the whole package here: our charming Chapel, the spacious Reception Hall, and that oh-so-romantic Outdoor Ceremony space, plus a bunch of must-haves that’ll make your day run smoother than your best man’s dance moves.

2. How Do Holiday and Weekend Dates Affect My Wedding Venue Pricing?

Choosing a date for your wedding is like picking the perfect backdrop for the most romantic chapter of your story. At Hummingbird Hill, we understand that weekends and holidays are coveted for their festive spirit and familial significance, often making them the most sought-after dates for saying ‘I do’. But what does this mean for your wedding venue pricing? Holiday and weekend bookings are like snagging the last piece of cake – everyone wants it, so it’s kinda special. Holidays and weekends bring that extra sprinkle of excitement, and yes, they can up the ante on your venue cost. But hey, we keep things clear as a bell here. You’ll know exactly what getting hitched on the hottest dates means for your wallet at Hummingbird Hill.

For those dreaming of a weekend or holiday wedding, it’s essential to note that such desirable dates typically come with different pricing structures. This is due to the increased demand and the extra touches needed to make your celebration as extraordinary as the date itself. Hummingbird Hill values transparency, especially when it comes to special occasions, and we tailor our pricing to accommodate the distinctive requirements of holiday and weekend celebrations. So when planning your perfect wedding, remember to consider how the allure of your ideal date may influence the investment in your venue, ensuring that your big day is as joyous and stress-free as possible.

3. What Additional Costs Should We Anticipate Beyond the Base Price?

When the confetti settles, and the last toast has been made, the reality of additional wedding expenses should come as no surprise. You might be looking at delish catering, florals that make your heart sing, or a DJ to keep you dancing ‘til dawn. And those personal touches? They might come with their own price tag. But no sweat, we’ve got package deals and vendor buddies to keep things budget-friendly and fabulous. At Hummingbird Hill, our aim is to equip you with knowledge so that you’re well-prepared for any additional costs that may accompany your big day. As you budget for your wedding, it’s important to consider potential expenses that are over and above the venue’s base price.

Our base pricing at Hummingbird Hill provides an alluring array of foundational amenities, but we also know that each wedding is as unique as the couple themselves. Additional costs may include catering options, floral arrangements, and extended hours to dance the night away. For those little extras that make your day truly yours, like specific equipment rentals or additional staff services, it’s essential to factor these into your financial plan. Hummingbird Hill prides itself on our all-inclusive turn-key packages and partnerships with esteemed vendors, allowing you to manage these costs with grace and ease. With our team’s expertise, we help guide you through tailoring your experience so that the only surprise on your wedding day is the overwhelming joy you feel stepping into this new chapter of life together.

4. How Much Is the Deposit, and What Are the Payment Plan Options?

The journey to your wedding day is paved with many exciting decisions, and understanding the financial aspects is key. A question that’s on the tip of every couple’s tongue is: How much do we need to invest upfront, and how can we manage the rest of the payments? At Hummingbird Hill, we aim to make this aspect as smooth as your first dance.

To your wedding date at Hummingbird Hill, we kindly ask for a signed contract and a 25% refundable deposit within 30 days. We understand that wedding planning involves budgeting, which is why we offer the flexibility of paying the remaining balance in full, interest-free, up until 30 days before your special day. Our goal is to make your wedding journey stress-free, supporting you every step of the way, emotionally and financially. Rest assured, our cancellation policy is designed to be fair and considerate, guiding deposit recovery and adjustments based on timing and circumstances. Your unforgettable day awaits!

5. Are There Any All-Inclusive Special Offers Available?

Who doesn’t love saving money? Especially when it comes to planning your big day, finding ways to stretch your budget can feel like a wedding win! At Hummingbird Hill, we believe in celebrating love not just on your wedding day, but throughout the entire journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to share some delightful ways to help you maximize value without compromising the quality of your experience. And who doesn’t adore the idea of simplifying wedding planning and making it more joyful? All-inclusive packages can be a great way to cut costs and simplify the wedding planning experience.

At Hummingbird Hill, we’re all about wrapping up all the dreamy details into one neat all-inclusive package, so you can glide through your wedding preparations with grace and ease, leaving the hassle behind. Our comprehensive turn-key packages are the perfect choice for lovebirds looking to seamlessly weave together every facet of their celebration. Just imagine this: with one simple decision, you get the magic of lush florals, the delight of scrumptious catering, the thrill of a live band or DJ setting the mood, all complemented by charming table decorations, crisp linens, top-notch bartending services, and reliable security. Plus, our dedicated wedding coordinator will be your fairy godmother, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch!

Choose from our three packages, starting at $35 per guest, to create the perfect event. And because we’re all about personal touches, if there’s something in our all-inclusive packages that doesn’t quite suit your vision, let’s chat! We’re more than happy to tailor a package that fits your dreams like a glove. Ready to ditch the stress and start the celebration? Let Hummingbird Hill take your hand and lead you to a wedding planning experience that’s as smooth as your first dance. Let’s make your wedding not just a day, but a story to be told for years to come.


When it comes to understanding wedding venue pricing, it’s about so much more than just numbers. It’s about the true value behind every dollar spent on your special day. At Hummingbird Hill, we are dedicated to not only providing a stunning setting for your wedding day but also offering transparent and upfront pricing, giving you peace of mind in one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding day. Now that we’ve covered these important questions together, we hope you feel confident and well-prepared as you embark on this exciting journey of wedding planning.

Hummingbird Hill

We warmly invite you to reach out to us at Hummingbird Hill, where dreams are tended to with as much care as our beautiful gardens. Whether you envision a grand soiree or an intimate gathering, let’s chat and explore how your wedding vision can align seamlessly with what we have to offer. Have more questions? Explore our FAQ page to discover more about us. Your story of love and commitment deserves a setting just as special, and we are here to ensure that every chapter of it is truly extraordinary.

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